“Hypnotherapy has the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE of ANY form of therapy for smokers wishing to quit” – New Scientist – 1992

Forever Stop Smoking Program FAQs

What can I expect during my smoking cessation session?

Sessions typically take 60-90 minutes, and start with 30-60 minutes of tactical coaching, where Cindy will explore the triggers and unconscious beliefs that have kept you smoking. These unconscious beliefs are often the reason many people have had trouble stopping smoking in the past, despite maybe wanting or trying to quit. This is followed by a short, relaxing hypnosis session where she will make suggestions to your subconscious mind that reinforce the new ideas and concepts she’s taught you.

Why is it important to quit smoking?

Smoking kills 1 in 10 adults worldwide. It greatly increases the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Females who smoke are more likely to experience infertility and difficulty conceiving while smoking males report a 50 percent increase in sexual impotence. In addition to tobacco, cigarettes contain up to 600 additional additives including formaldehyde, arsenic, and lead.

Should I try to cut down before I come in for your program?

Cutting down would surely benefit you. However, if it carries too much stress, that is counterproductive. Cutting down before your sessions is a personal choice and if it feels good to you, then it will benefit your process.

How long has hypnotherapy been used to help people quit smoking?

For more than a century. However, it started gaining in popularity as a treatment method for smoking in the ’50s when hypnosis was accepted by the American Medical Association as a viable treatment method. Recently it has accelerated in popularity as more and more people have heard—usually from word of mouth—about its effectiveness.

Does hypnosis work for all types of nicotine users?

The chemical addiction is to the same substance (nicotine), but psychological addiction will vary with each different type of nicotine delivery. However, hypnosis is effective for all nicotine users, including people who smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars or use chewing tobacco, and nicotine patches or gum.

Will I experience withdrawal symptoms?

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, if experienced at all, are very mild (barely noticeable) and of short duration (approx. 2-3 days). The feeling that most smokers describe as nicotine withdrawal has little to do with nicotine; it is a physical symptom of a psychological process (psycho-somatic symptoms). When we want to smoke but can’t, this conflict creates feelings of deprivation, sacrifice, anxiety and stress. However, with our sophisticated hypnosis method, there is no desire to smoke and therefore no conflict and therefore no “withdrawal” symptoms.

How will I feel when I quit smoking?

Imagine now that you’ve quit that filthy disgusting habit and kicked off the chains of smoking. Experience those feelings of pride, excitement and relief. You may already know that anyone who ends a filthy habit feels happy, confident and just plain awesome!

Most ex-smokers say they feel wonderful when they quit smoking using our method; no painful withdrawal, no anxiety and no fear or stress. Just a sense of relaxation, calm and a powerful sense of achievement.

Rest assured, you’ll feel the same. From the moment you finish your final cigarette, you will be a happy non-smoker. You will enjoy social occasions more without having to worry about the need to smoke. Your ability to cope with stress will improve as you realise you have no further need for a crutch. Physically, within 20 minutes of quitting, the healing process begins and within a few days you should start noticing positive changes in your health and wellbeing.

Will I gain weight?

Will I gain weight? Quite the contrary. We have found that the empowerment that people have as a result of quitting smoking often to extends to other areas of their lives. When a habit is correctly removed with the use of hypnosis, people don’t have to replace it with some other habit such as overeating. It’s almost as if they never smoked. In fact, they’ll tell you that if you ask them. Many clients will go on to expand their focus on living a healthy life. If they are overweight, once they have actually eliminated a negative habit such as smoking, and have access to more energy and better breathing, they may choose to adopt positive habits such as healthy eating, exercise, and drinking water.

How much will my smoking cessation session cost?

What if we told you it would cost you nothing?

All it costs is what you’re already spending on cigarettes in a couple of months.  On average, our clients save $1,500 to $3,500 every year for the rest of their lives.

Most ex-smokers agree that our service is an extremely worthwhile financial investment. In fact, most of our clients recoup their investment in under 3 months of not buying cigarettes.

Is hypnosis equally effective for casual smokers?

Hypnosis will work for any smoker, chewer or vaper and is equally effective for both heavy and casual smokers.

Do you guarantee my success with hypnosis?

Yes, absolutely! We are so confident of our processes, proven over 15+ years of successful clients, that we proudly offer our Iron Clad Smoking Cessation Lifetime Service Guarantee.

Reinforcement Audio Listening Instructions

Listen Daily – Once is minimum – twice daily is maximum. If doing two listening sessions per day leave hours in between listening times… example: Morning & evening.

Weekly Use – Minimum & Maximum Suggested Use

Consistency is a key factor in creating and reinforcing habits. In order to receive the benefits the Forever Stop Smoking Program delivers, we suggest:

Minimum – One session per day – 4-7 days per week. •    Maximum – Two sessions per day – 6-7 days per week

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will be undisturbed for about 20 minutes.
  • Turn off any devices, notifications, etc. so you won’t be interrupted.
  • Use headphones/earbuds for best results.
  • Press play and simply engage your imagination to what is said.
  • You may not always be instructed to close your eyes. Let them close when they feel like they need to, or when directed, and remain closed until the end of the session.NOTE: With multiple audio titles, simply put them in a rotation while following the listening instructions above for frequency of use.Reinforcement Audios FAQ“I didn’t hear everything. I think I might have dosed off for a bit.”As long as you hear the ending that has you open your eyes, feeling more rested and reinforced of healthy habits, you did fine. Imagine when you drive on a highway and suddenly see your exit and have no recollection of the past 20 minutes. You didn’t fall asleep.“What if I’m traveling?”

    Your Forever Stop Smoking Program sessions are at your fingertips by smartphone or other portable devices. Simply download to the device you want to listen on. No matter where you are Forever Stop Smoking is there with you.

    “I don’t have the time. Now what?”

    The one thing we all have in common is the same time each day. For change to happen a few changes are needed in what we choose to do with our time. Make this a priority and you will find the time to enjoy the soothing, behavior change audio sessions each day.

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